Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Mission and Objectives

CIBERDEM´s mission is to lead the investigative effort of excellence in diabetes and associated metabolic diseases, as well as to speed up the transfer of scientific results to clinical practice in order to improve the health of the population and people with diabetes and metabolic diseases.

Primary scientific goals of CIBERDEM:

  • To identify the genes conferring susceptibility to diabetes and associated metabolic diseases as well as environmental factors involved in developing them.
  • To study the incidence of type II diabetes in Spain and associated risk factors.
  • To investigate signals linking obesity and diabetes.
  • To clarify the molecular mechanisms of insulin secretion and signalling disorder.
  • To determine the molecular and cellular mechanisms of the function, lesion and protection of pancreatic islets and develop new therapeutic strategies.
  • To develop preventive and therapeutic strategies in regenerative medicine, cell therapy and gene therapy.
  • To study the molecular mechanisms involved in the physiopathology of type II diabetes and identify new therapeutic targets.
  • To study the molecular and biological bases of complications associated with diabetes and associated metabolic diseases and develop treatments.