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Biorepository for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases- CIBERDEM-IDIBAPS

One of CIBERDEM’s strategic actions was to sponsor the creation of a large reference biorepository containing diabetes and associated metabolic disease samples. The Biorepository for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases works like a composite CIBERDEM-IDIBAPS platform that is integrated in the IDIBAPS Biobank. It is managed via a biennial agreement, and the IDIBAPS Biobank is the owner of the collection and the entity legally responsible for its activity. It is registered in the National Biobank Registry.

The Biorepository for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases CIBERDEM-IDIBAPS is a scientific-technological  infrastructure that coordinates the collection, processing, storage and transfer of biological samples for advancing in research in the field of diabetes and associated metabolic diseases, according to the laws in force. In order to make well characterised and standardised biological samples with a high added value available to the scientific community, the CIBERDEM-IDIBAPS Biorepository constitutes the most important repository for samples of metabolic diseases in southern Europe. Today the repository has over 11,000 blood and DNA samples from 13 centres. The samples also include clinical and demographic data that allows conducting epidemiological studies. BCGENE database was started up for that purpose. This database is specific for integrating said data with the genetic and genomic data obtained by primary sequencing and genotyping platforms .

The thirteen centres providing diabetes and metabolic disease samples are:

  • Fundación Sardà Farriol, Barcelona
  • Hospital Carlos Haya, Malaga
  • Hospital Cruces, Barakaldo
  • Hospital Clínico San Carlos, Madrid
  • Hospital Clínico Valencia
  • Hospital Joan XXIII, Tarragona
  • Hospital Josep Trueta, Girona
  • Hospital Sant Pau, Barcelona
  • Hospital Sant Joan, Reus
  • Hospital Clínic Barcelona - IDIBAPS
  • Centros Atención Primaria Zona Barcelona
  • Centros Atención Primaria Zona Cantabria (a través IDIVAL)
  • Centros Atención Primaria Comunidad de Madrid (a través Biobanco VIH Madrid)

The samples deposited in the Biobank are available for any researcher that may request them. Anyone requesting samples for use in a research project will be referred to the Biobank Coordinator (Dra. Teresa Botta, [email protected]), by means of the standard form available on the web page. This form will then be sent to the following committees for assessment:

  • Scientific and Coordination Committee of the Biorepository for Diabetes and Metabolic Diseases- CIBERDEM-IDIBAPS, which will assess the technical viability of the project and whether the request is in accordance with CIBERDEM’s strategic lines.
  • External Scientific Committee, which will conduct a scientific assessment of the request
  • Ethics Committee, which will conduct the ethical assessment of the request

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