Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

CIBERDEM and Society

In addition to scientific projects, CIBERDEM develops and collaborates in educational and outreach projects with a clear return to the society. Among them, the project "Diabetes a la carta" and the collaboration with Cátedra AstraZeneca de Innovación en Diabetes, stand out.

"Diabetes a la carta" is an educational project for people with diabetes for the purpose of providing new tools that help to manage the daily diet in a simple, appealing and balanced manner. This initiative seeks to improve the quality of life of people with diabetes through a good specialised and novel nutritional education. Diet is very important to prevent and treat diabetes.

Considering all the people with diabetes in Spain (more than 5,300,000), we put together scientific, gastronomy and diabetes knowledge to create a set of simple tools that bring the cooking world to patients who, by controlling the amounts of foods and their nutritional assessment, can eat anything and follow a diverse, interesting and tasty diet without having to eat any differently from the rest of the family and without any or with the least limitation possible.

CIBERDEM collaborates with Cátedra AstraZeneca de Innovación en Diabetes to search for scientific solutions aiding health professionals in the treatment of diabetes and the creation of a healthier society. Cátedra AstraZeneca de Innovación en Diabetes, sponsored by Fundación AstraZeneca and Instituto de Investigaciones Biomédicas August Pi i Sunyer (IDIBAPS), with the collaboration of professionals of Hospital Clínic, CIBERDEM and Universidad de Barcelona, aims to become a national and international reference in generating knowledge in the field of diabetes through various actions: translational research in diabetes; continuous training for health professionals in this field of knowledge; and social dissemination and education in diabetes for patients and society in general.

CIBERDEM annually collaborates in the organization of activities during World Diabetes Day, 14 November.

CIBERDEM regularly organizes Open House Days and scientific dissemination activities to increase society's awareness in connection with diabetes and metabolic disease research.

CIBERDEM and Federación de Diabéticos Españoles have an agreement to disseminate in the publication, DiabetesFEDE, the research and innovation activities in diabetes spurred by CIBERDEM. For that purpose, el ESPACIO CIBERDEM has been introduced in the publication dedicated to diffuse research efforts in the disease made by work groups everywhere to people with diabetes, their family members and the public in general.