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MEDIGENE is collaborative project between CIBERDEM and other European institutions lasting for four years. It is subsidized by the European Commission in its Seventh Framework Program FP7-Health-2011-two-stage with project number 279171 and coordinated by Florin Grigorescu of Universitè Montpellier I, France and subcoordinated by Ramon Gomis (CIBERDEM).


To investigate the genetic and environmental factors participating in the etiopathogeny of insulin resistance syndrome in Mediterranean populations.


2012: Start of the implementation.

  • CIBERDEM Biobank database analysis to define the Mediterranean populations object of study.
  • Perfecting the technique for separating (genomic and mitochondrial) DNA from the molars of Roman population entombed in the Roman Necropolis of Tarragona and other deposits in the area. Collaboration with Institut Català d’Arqueologia Clàssica
  • Organizing a genetic and molecular database management training course in Barcelona.


  • Florin Grigorescu.(Coordinator)
  • Luis Castaño (Hospital de Cruces, Bilbao).
  • Ramon Gomis (Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS, Barcelona).
  • Anna Novials (Hospital Clínic-IDIBAPS, Barcelona).
  • Lluís Masana (IISPV-Hospital Universitari Sant Joan, Reus).