Ministerio de Ciencia e Innovación

Internal Research Projects

For the purpose of providing answers to essential clinical issues in the field of diabetes, associated metabolic diseases and their complications, these projects are an exceptional tool to promote scientific collaboration between various CIBERDEM groups.


  • To carry out high impact research projects in the field of diabetes and related metabolic diseases.
  • To strengthen scientific collaborations among CIBERDEM groups, placing emphasis on collaborations among basic and clinical groups (with a minimum participation of three research groups per project).
  • To strengthen bonds among CIBERDEM researchers working together in designing and implementing the projects.
  • To demonstrate the excellence and scientific competitiveness and innovation of CIBERDEM groups through these projects.
  • To establish joint initiatives that CIBERDEM research groups could not deal with alone.

The influence of insulin resistance states and their compensatory mechanisms by endocrine pancreas on endothelial/vascular damage. IREVAS

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): M. Benito, D. Burks, R. Gomis
  • Coordinator: Manuel Benito

Identification of neurodegenerative mechanisms that promote the development of diabetic retinopathy: the role of insulin signalling and apoptosis. NEURONET-DIAB

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): D. Burks, Á. Martínez, R. Simó
  • Coordinator: Deborah Burks

Cooperative population and database studies for genetic association analysis in type 2 diabetes mellitus and related traits. INGENFRED

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): R. Carmena, F. Blanco, M. Serrano, F. Soriguer
  • Coordinator: Felipe Javier Chaves

Clinical, genetic and functional characterization of monogenic diabetes: from the bench to the bedside. MODIAB

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): L. Castaño, E. Blázquez, J. Ferrer, M. Vallejo
  • Coordinator: Luis Castaño

Diabetes and obesity treatment by tungstate: metabolic and molecular targets. DOTUM

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): R. Gomis, X. Correig, J. J Guinovart
  • Coordinator: Ramon Gomis

Determinants of insulin resistance and glucose tolerance disorders (including diabetes) in severe obesity and their changes after bariatric surgeryinduced weight loss. DIASOBS

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): H. F Escobar, X. Correig, E. Montanya, R. Simó, J. J Vendrell
  • Coordinator: Héctor F Escobar Morreale

Glycogen-induced dysfunctions in the pancreas and retina and their involvement in the ethiogenesis of diabetes mellitus. GIDIPRED

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): J. J Guinovart, R. Gomis, R. Simó
  • Coordinator: Joan J Guinovart

Body fat amount and distribution in childhood determines predisposition to type 2 diabetes. CHILDBODYFAT

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): L. Ibáñez, X. Correig, L. Masana
  • Coordinator: Lourdes Ibáñez

The production of monoclonal antibodies which selectively react with cell surface molecules on human pancreatic beta cells. ANTIBECELL

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): F. Martín, E. Montanya, A. Nadal
  • Coordinator: Juan Tejedo

Characterization of low HDL syndrome in type 2 diabetes. LOWHDL

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): L. Masana, F. Blanco, R. Carmena, X. Correig, M. Vázquez-Carrera
  • Coordinator: Lluís Masana

Comparative metabolomic analysis for the detection of biomarkers in diabetes. METADIAB

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): X. Correig, R. Gomis, A. Novials
  • Coordinator: Xavier Correig

Mechanisms of endothelial dysfunction in diabetes: the role of amylin and circulating endothelial cells. ENDODIAB

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): A. Novials, R. Gomis, ML Villanueva-Peñacarrillo
  • Coordinator: Anna Novials

The impact of overnutrition, diabetes-obesity and undernutrition on the regulation of energy homeostasis in the central nervous system. From animal models to humans. IODURE

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): M. Serrano, C. Álvarez, E. Blázquez, D. Burks, M. Vallejo
  • Coordinator: Manuel Serrano Ríos

Adult adipose tissue-derived progenitor cells: the influence of the clinical phenotype and adipose depot origin in their biological properties. STEMOB

  • Research Groups (Principal Investigator): J. J Vendrell, J. Balsinde, A.M. Gómez, M. Lorenzo, E. Montanya, R. Simó, M. Vázquez-Carrera, A. Zorzano
  • Coordinator: Joan J Vendrell